All our staff undergo a thorough background check before they are offered employment, and all have Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. All staff have had appropriate First Aid and Safeguarding training.

In actual fact most of our staff are very well known to us as they have had children here in the past, may have done Work Experience with us, and may have attended themselves as a child.

Regular volunteers are subject to the same background checks and DBS checks as staff. Occasional volunteers (usually parent helpers on a Rota basis) do not have the checks, but are never allowed to be alone with the children.

    Susan Lister

Susan is the Head Teacher and has worked at Playlanders since 1978. She has a Level 3 qualification, and is responsible for Special Needs, Equalities, and Behaviour management as well as having overall responsibility for Curriculum, Planning, and staff.

Susan is interested in children’s emerging language and literacy, and enjoys music, drama and singing activities.


Cheryl is the Deputy Head and has worked at Playlanders since 2001. She has a Level 3 qualification, and is responsible for Safeguarding and Traveller Support as well as assisting with Planning, behaviour management, and staff.

Cheryl likes singing and drama activities, and art/craft.


Carla has worked part time since 2012, and became a full time staff member in 2014. We know her very well, as she had previously been a parent volunteer when her children were with us. She also has a Level 3 qualification, and has joint responsibility with Cheryl for Safeguarding.

Carla is very good at tidying up and packing a lot of things away in the too small cupboard! She enjoys art activities and outdoor play and is developing parachute play.


Emma has previously been a childminder and has a Level 2 qualification. She had been working with us on a temporary basis, covering for staff absence, and joined our staff permanently from September 2015.

Emma likes sand, water, being active and making a mess!

    Emma L

Emma worked for us in the past before she had her daughter, then afterwards did some part-time work and covered for staff absences. She began to work for us again on a regular basis in 2018, and hopes to begin her level 3 soon.

Emma enjoys Role play, and is very good at Admin, which makes Susan happy!