Aims and Objectives

Playlanders is a Registered Education Provider which aims to allow the children in its care the following opportunities:- learn through play in a safe, stimulating environment with appropriate adult support develop at their own pace enjoy the company of children other than family members meet adults from outside the family be valued for themselves, whatever their gender, race, culture, beliefs or abilities value others, whatever their gender, race, culture, beliefs or abilities grow in self-confidence learn to make their own choices in a supportive atmosphere develop independence by increasingly managing their needs alone learn to meet new challenges with the help of supportive adults experience success cope with failure with help from supportive adults find being part of a group a good experience enjoy new experiences in an ever-widening environment have time to experiment, think, explore, and observe have space and time to talk, and peace in which to listen

Playlanders also aims to

  • develop a partnership with a child’s main carer.
  • liaise with local schools to develop a working partnership.
  • work with those schools to make the transfer to school (or Nursery) as easy as possible for both the child and the family.
  • liaise with other Health or Education professionals in any way which will support our work with families and offer them a better experience.