Playlanders has no specific catchment area, and no admission criteria other than age. We are happy to accept children with Individual Needs, and of any ethnic background or religious belief.

Children are usually admitted (if we have space) from the age of 2 years or over, depending on the child’s readiness and family preferences.

Children are listed by date of registration, with the oldest children usually being accepted first in order to give them some pre-school experience before admission to Primary School, although each case is considered individually. Priority will be given to children whose families have previously had children attend, and priority may be given to children with individual needs.

Children are normally admitted in September, November or January. If places become available at other times then they will be offered to the next person in order on the list.

A place will normally be offered for three mornings a week, although we will consider a child attending just two mornings if parents prefer. The older children have the option of also taking Lunch Club and one or two afternoons and from September 2016 we are also offering this option to the younger children as well. We are sometimes able to offer a third afternoon, depending on numbers and the availability of the premises, but this changes on a termly basis, so please check.

Normally you will be offered a number of opportunities to visit for short periods with your child before they take up the place offered. We also suggest that you stay with your child for a minimum of 2 sessions when they begin to attend.

We recommend that you put your child’s name on the Waiting List as soon as possible. This does not commit you to accepting a place when it is offered – you can always change your mind later!