Parents’ views

This section is entirely written by parents who have used Playlanders, and who have sent us a review to include, or given us comments to add to the page, so that you see us from their point of view! The only changes we have made is to remove children’s names so that quotes are reasonably anonymous.

“You have built such an incredible playgroup and preschool, and for that we are grateful. Thank you for providing such a fun and happy place for children to learn and grow, and for creating such happy memories.”

KS 2019

“Thanks for a lovely year. (Our daughter) loves coming, and isn’t very happy on the days (her older brother) goes to school and she doesn’t.”

AM 2019

“Thank you for helping (our son) to develop so much. He has some lovely memories that will stay with him as he grows, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of the group. It amazes me every morning when I see the children come in, self-register, and immediately become involved and busy. This place is magical. I am sure that it will continue to be successful for many years to come, thanks to the lovely staff and their commitment.”

RK 2018

“I am so lucky that we found Playlanders. It is difficult coming to a new country, and I will always be very grateful to all the staff for always being supportive and kind with us. It is amazing the amount of work and love they put in to every session.”

ILG 2018

“Incredibly dedicated organiser and staff who truly love working with children, and this shows through the great variety of activities as well as the care/concern/engagement with children and the communication with parents. Thank you for such a lovely group.”

KRH 2018

“A great nursery! I can truly recommend it, my son is very happy there; the staff are so caring and attentive. They do lots of creative activities and stimulating outings. It is a pleasure to help them out every so often so that you can really appreciate their daily routine and see the children thrive in a relaxed and safe environment.”

VB 2018

“Thank you to the whole team at Playlanders. (Our daughter) took a long time to get adjusted without us and the staff was extremely patient and helpful. After 2 months she is now very happy to stay and play, and says goodbye at the door.”

RJ 2017

“I think Playlanders are doing an amazing job in everything they do to make the children love every minute of their time whilst at playgroup. Thank you for helping my son grow into the confident boy he is. He has come so far since starting with you.”


“(My daughter) thoroughly enjoys her time with you and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a fantastic job you all do. The adults are welcoming, warm and kind and the children are at the centre of everything that is done. I think the support and communication has been brilliant and (my daughter) has obviously come on already, thank you. I have recommended Playlanders to friends of mine already, I genuinely believe it’s a great place for children to develop and grow as inquisitive learners. Thank you for helping my child grow in confidence and for supporting her learning. She comes home almost every day with a picture, painting, model or drawing and tells me all about it. She has also really enjoyed the ‘extras’ like the visit to the zoo and the theatre – such wonderful experiences for children! Playlanders is a wonderful place for children to grow and learn.”

JC 2017

“I do not have words to say …. You have helped us so much, and my son also, and been so kind. I can not say how much we thank you, and I do not know what would have happened if you had not been here to help us.”

RT 2015

“Thank you all so much for all you’ve done for (our daughter). You have helped make her the confident girl she is now. We have loved having her at Playlanders and we are all sad that it’s time to move up to school.”

MH 2015

“Thank you so much for all your support this year. They enjoyed their school year and made friends even though this was their first time ever away from home. With your guidance and support our son’s progress was amazing. We were blessed to have chosen Playlanders as our nursery, and nothing could have been better.”

C & IU 2015

“We have been coming to Playlanders since April 2012 and it has always been a pleasure! I don’t think we could have found a friendlier, more welcoming and more caring nursery no matter how hard we tried. Playlanders has given both (our daughter) and (our son) so much confidence. (Our daughter) still talks about her time with you, and I know (our son) will miss you all so much. A special Thankyou for the visit to the Sedgwick Museum. (Our son) really did enjoy it, and hasn’t stopped talking about it since.”

SF 2015

“To Awesome Playlanders – It has been a wonderful experience for (our son) being in Playlanders. We could not have been happier to have chosen you for his first school. He has learned so much and has made so many wonderful friends. Special thanks to Carla for being his ever patient and loving buddy. The whole team has worked so well in supporting us in his development, especially in his toilet training.”

R&R 2015

“We have really enjoyed the visits to play that we made before my daughter started, and have felt so welcomed by the children. I am very impressed with the way you manage to keep them so focused on the activities, and provide so many different options for them to choose from.”

MW 2015

“My daughter got her school bag out every morning of the holidays, and said ‘school’

RP 2015

“Here is something that you can add to your website.
We have 3 children and all of them went to the playgroup since 2005-2014. They all had brilliant time and never wanted to leave the session at the end of each day. The friendships were not just formed between children but parents also. It became the place that we always looked forward to going – for both children and parents. It was the highlight of our lives as young families.
The head teacher and her staff will not push any of our children to do what they do not want to do but have a very gentle and unique ways to encourage them to try new things which they otherwise would not try.
Our youngest went to the playgroup in 2012 being a quiet and shy boy but that soon changed; he became a very outgoing, confident and loved it every second there. When we waved his playgroup jumper in the mornings, he would give us the biggest smiles and run to put it on but no matter how quickly we put it on him, it was never quick enough! He could not wait to leave the house! His action said it all. What a genuinely happy boy.
In summary, Playlanders is truly the best place that gave our children the best start in life: confident, excellent awareness of the world, sensitive to others feelings and needs. Our children all have positive experience during their time and as parents, we had never once doubted our choice of the group we had chosen. We could never have asked for the better place. Wonderful memories we all had. The staff were committed to ensure that our children strive and embrace challenges that faced them no matter how big or small. The most important thing that we felt and feel about the group is that they listen the children and make the children feel important.”

C and M H 2014.

“My son attended Playlanders in 2010/2011 and thoroughly enjoyed himself. The staff helped him settle in really easily and he soon made lots of friends. As well as the regular playgroup activities he was able to participate in lots of additional learning opportunities such as being the head of dragon for Chinese New Year and attending trips to the local shops, museums and wildlife park as part of Playgroup Plus. Playing at ‘dens’ and on the new climbing frame in the big garden were particular favourites of my son!

The head teacher and staff were amazing. They dedicated time to helping my son learn the basics of the 3 ‘R’s and preparing him for school. I am always in awe of how they could get him to listen and follow instructions in a way he never does at home!

There’s lots of opportunities for parents to get involved too. I was able to attend and help out at playgroup sessions and I even got involved with the committee.

All in all, Playlanders was a great choice of pre-school setting and I would recommend it to any parent”

C.H. 2013

“My son is always so excited when he sees his school jumper because he knows he’s going to Playlanders. He loves coming, and I know he’s had fun and been busy because he often falls asleep on the way home.”

A.O. 2012

“My daughter loves coming to Playlanders, and loves the extra activities in Playgroup Plus – she was so excited about growing carrots and peas, and the trip to the theatre! She asks every day if it is a school day, and isn’t very happy when I say no! My younger child will be attending too when he is old enough. I don’t think I could find anywhere better, and I don’t want to.”

S.F. 2012

“I really like coming here. It feels like I’m going home to my mum, and I know there is always someone I can talk to if I need to. All my children have been happy here, and loved coming, and I like coming too.”

K.D. 2011

“Both my girls attended Playlanders between October 2005 and July 2010. We could not have made a better choice! As a parent, I felt involved during my children’s time there, being able to attend and assist at sessions. I even joined the Committee! In the early days this allowed all of us to manage the transition from being together as mother and child to semi-independence. Trips to local museums, the theatre, the zoo and book shops assisted this. My eldest even went punting at the age of 4, not being able to swim, and I had complete confidence in her safety and enjoyment.

In their pre-school year, the head teacher was incredibly supportive in ensuring that my children were ready for school. She devoted time to hearing them read, learning to write and perform simple arithmetic, in addition to generally expected milestones of dressing themselves, preparing simple snacks, independent toileting and focusing long enough to interact in group activities.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at Playlanders and if we were to have the chance of doing it all again, would in an instant! Thank you for getting us all off to such a wonderful start.”

J.B. 2010